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Last updated on 26th April 2015

Welcome to the Tiverton Hunt (in Mid-Devon, Area 15) branch of the UK Pony Club


Well done to all competitors, and a big thank you to all the helpers

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Current club events:

You can download the Spring 2015 Programme and Newsletter here (Posted 4th Feb)

Tiverton Biathlon and Triathlon at Wellington Sports Centre

There will also be pre-event shooting practice sessions

Sunday 26th April
Flatwork Working Rally (venue tbc) Saturday 2nd May
Working Rally at Sherwood Sunday 10th May
Summer Camp
Tues 28th – Fri 31st July
Mini Camp Mon 10th – Tues 11th August

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Teams. If you are interesting in being in a team these are the people to contact:

Senior Show Jumping
Junior Show Jumping
Mini Show Jumping

Lisa Wood 01884 860477
Sarah Muirhead 01884 251488
Situation vacant

Dressage Henrietta Hare 01884 881798
Eventing Georgina Batting 01884 820673
Triathlon/Tetrathlon Katherine Emmett 01884 266882
Mounted Games/PPC Beccy Daykin 07798 862872
Polo Max Carew 01884 251632

Not being clairvoyant, we don't know if you are interested unless you contact us!


All members taking part in Pony Club events and competitions must wear a hat that conforms to the current Pony Club Hat Rules. 
In 2015 all hats, whether previously tagged or not with the pony club purple tag, will need to be retagged with the NEW WHITE TAG.

This change is because it has been announced by the EU Commission that the European Equestrian Riding Helmet standard (BS)EN1384 is to be withdrawn from the Official Journal of the European Union (OJ) at its next publication. This means that hat manufacturers will no longer be able to CE mark their hats using this standard and will need to recertify to a specification currently being developed.

Thinking of purchasing a new hat?  Important information – please read.


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This is the section where we publicise club members' achievements in 2015

If you have information about achievements an event, test passes, or similar things that you would like to
publish here please email it to me. It helps me if you include the event name, date and venue; and also
if you can provide a brief description of what happened + some photos.

(See also the archive of achievements in: 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007)

Winter Triathlon National Finals – Milton Keynes 15th March 2015

Great fun was had at Nationals by all our competitors (and their families!)

Mini Girl: Jessica Grant put in a PB for the run and swim and had a 900 shoot putting her into 30th

Mini Boy: Jack Emmett put in a PB for the run and swim and also had a 900 shoot putting him into 20th

Junior Boy: Guy Cridland had a PB run and shoot of 820 putting Guy into 35th

Well done to all 3 for a fantastic effort and determination
Our competitors and their supporters!

Area Quiz – 18th February 2015

Tiverton off to the National Finals in April !

Well a very hotly contested competition, and that was just between the Tiverton teams!

13 teams in all took part in the Area Quiz hosted by Silverton Pony Club on Wednesday 18th February at Cullompton.
Tiverton Hounds were in the lead at the half way point, but with two rounds to go, Tiverton Beagles took the lead,
1 point ahead of Tiverton Hounds, after the final two rounds Tiverton Hounds finished in 3rd place,
Devon & Somerset 2nd and Tiverton Beagles the winners – all very tight between the top 3 but a really good win!

Well done to Amelia, Joe, Emma and Alice who are off to the Finals at Warwickshire College on 4th April . . . good luck team

Tiverton Foxes
Ellie Discombe
Rosie Heard
Alice Smith
Katie Bainbridge

Tiverton Hounds
Charlotte Radley
Millie Cridland
Henry Clist
Jessica Grant

Tiverton Beagles
Amelia Green
Joe Emmett
Emma Bainbridge
Alice Cross

Mendip Triathlon 15th February

Bi: Katie Heal 1st, Rebecca Emmett 4th & Emily Miller 6th Individually.
Katie also had best run.
The team including Matthew Heal were 1st beating 2nd place by an amazing 446 points.

Mixed Mini: Jack Emmett was 1st with best shoot and best run,
and was 1st in a mixed team.

Mini Girl: Jessica Grant was 2nd with best run and 1st in a mixed team.

Junior Boy: Guy Cridland was 3rd.

Senior Girl: Bethany Mettam was 3rd at her first Triathlon.

Well done to all.

Valentines Ball – 14th February 2015

A fantastic night had by all, lovely to see so many dressed up looking fabulous without riding hats!

Many thanks to Nickie for organising such a good night


Eggesford Triathlon 7th February 2015

Another Tiverton Member Qualified for Nationals!

Bi: Katie Heal, Rebecca Emmett and Emily Miller came 3rd as a team
with Katie coming 4th Individually.

Mini Girls: Jessica Grant came 3rd individually.

Mini Boys: Jack Emmett, William Hopper and Horace Hopper came
3rd as a team with Jack coming 2nd individually.

Junior Girl: Lydia Hopper was 4th individually.

Junior Boy: Guy Cridland was 2nd and Qualified for Nationals at Milton Keynes.

Senior Girl: Millie Cridland put in a fantastic effort, sadly just out of the rosettes.

Cattistock Triathlon – 25th January 2015

5 went to take on Area 14 and they brought lot's of rosettes back with them.
Ultra Minis: Which included a shoot ... well OK a throw! : Rebecca Emmett, Katie Heal & Emily Miller came 2nd as a Team.
Katie also had 3rd best Swim and Run, and 4th individually and Emily was 7th individually(sadly just out of the rosettes) and had 4th best shoot (throw) and Rebecca had 4th best swim. (ones to watch for the future!)
Mixed Mini: Jack Emmett came 3rd Individually and 1st in a mixed team (the girls seemed happy to have Jack in their team!).
Mini Girls: Jessica Grant came 4th individually and also got 2nd best shoot (her PB for turning targets) & 3rd best swim and
was 1st in a mixed team.

Tiverton Tri Competitors going from Strength to Strength
Fantastic Results from the 11 that went to the D&S Triathlon on 11th January 2015 with all coming home with Rosettes.
Bi – Katie Heal picked up Best Run and Best Swim which placed her 1st with Rebecca Emmett coming 6th and the team coming 3rd.
Super Mini – Jack Emmett was 2nd.
Mini Girls – Sophie Fallon came 2nd, Jessica Grant  3rd and the Team with Katie Bainbridge came 1st overall.
Junior Boys – Guy Cridland was 3rd
Junior Girls – Emma Bainbridge, Emma Fallon & Lydia Hopper came 4th as a Team
Senior Girls - Millie Cridland was in a mixed team that came 1st.

Area 15 Trialthlon – November 2014

2 off to Nationals in March 2015

We had 10 competitors at the Area 15 Triathlon in Wellington.

Katie Heal came 2nd in the Biathlon with Best Swim and her PB and came 1st in a mixed team with Rebecca Emmett.

Katie Bainbridge was our only mixed mini and came 13th out of 27 with a PB shoot and was 6th in a mixed team.

Jessica Grant, Sophie Fallon and Emma Bainbridge were our Mini Girls with all giving a great effort and came 5th as a team, with Jessica coming 6th with a PB swim and also qualifying for Nationals.

Jack Emmett was our only Mini Boy competitor who came 6th with a PB swim and also qualifying for Nationals.

Lydia Hopper and Serena Mundy both did well and finished 2nd in a mixed team.

Millie Cridland was our only competitor in the Senior category, for the first time tackling 10m turning targets & finished 5th in a mixed team

Guy Cridland represented our Parents and Supporters and finished 3rd.

Well done to all.

Wylye Valley Triathlon 22 November 2014 Frome

Jack Emmet was our only competitor at the Wylye Valley.

He came 1st individually and got a Best shoot with 960.

Lamerton Triathlon 16th November 2014 Launceston

Katie Heal, Jack Emmett, Jessica Grant, Sophie Fallon & Emma Fallon all head to Cornwall and get fantastic results.

Biathlon: Katie Heal was joint 2nd.

Mixed Mini: Jack Emmett came 1st with Best Run

Mini Girls: Jessica Grant cam 6th & Sophie Fallon 8th

With the team of Jack Emmett, Jessica Grant, Sophie Fallon & Emma Fallon coming 8th out of 22.

Spooners & West Dartmoor Tri 26th November 2014

Rebecca Emmett, Withheld and Katie Heal all took part in the Biathlon, coming 2nd as a Team and Katie coming 2nd individually.

Jack Emmett, Withheld and Withheld took part in the super minis. Jack came 1st individually with Best Shoot.

Lydia Hopper was our only competitor in a Junior Girls sadly just out of the ribbons.

Team SJ at Kings Sedgmoor

28th October 2014

Well done to winning team,

Henry Clist
, Polly Muirhead, Finn Muirhead and Lewis Drew

Blackmore & Sparkford Vale Triathlon, 19th October 2014

A tough competition at the Blackmore & Sparkford Vale Triathlon with nearly 200 entries. Tiverton members dug deep and did us proud.

Bi Team, Katie Heal, Withheld, Withheld and Rebecca Emmett. With Katie coming 11th overall.

Super Mini, Jack Emmett came 1st individually, got equal Best Shoot and 1st in a Mixed team.

Mini Girls, Jessica Grant and Sophie Fallon tackled turning targets for the first time and finished 11th and 18th.

Junior Girls (32 entries), Lydia Hopper and Emma Fallon did well in a tough junior category.

Well done to all.

Eggesford Tetrathlon, 4th Oct 2014, Okehampton

7 Headed to Okehampton on 4th October 2014

Well done to William Hopper, Jessica Grant, Jack Emmett, Horace Hopper, Withheld, Emma Bainbridge and Lydia Hopper who all did well at a very competitive Eggesford Triathlon.

Jessica Grant came 3rd closely followed by Jack Emmett in 4th with 10 points between them.

Lydia was our only member to do the Tetrathlon came 3rd in the Tri and 4th in the Tet.

Well done to all.

Mini Tet 30th August 2014, Newhill Farm
Full results for this event are available here.

Amazing results by all competitors.

Well done to all 22 Tiverton Competitors (9 competing for the first time) at our Mini Tetrathlon. Fantastic results were had by all.

PB's were gained by many in the shoot and swim, and a tremendous effort by all around the testing hilly running course.

Super Mini Girls (under 8): Katie Heal came 1st, with Withheld 3rd, Rebecca Emmett 5th & Withheld 6th. Katie had best swim (696) and xx best run (532).

Mini Boys (8-12): Jack Emmett came 1st and William Hopper 3rd. Jack had best shoot (880) and best swim (944).

Mini Girls (8-12): Jessica Grant came 1st, Sophie Fallon 4th, Withheld 5th and Emma Bainbridge 6th. Emma had best shoot (900) jointly with xx who also had best run (874). Becca came 2nd in the 2'6" class.

Junior Boys(under 14): Joe Emmett came 2nd.

Junior Girls: Lydia Hopper came 1st, Millie Cridland 4th and Rosie Heard 5th, with Rosie and Lydia matching the best shoot (860) & Lydia also having best swim (1200).

Cross country clear rounds were had by Katie Heal, Withheld, Withheld, Jack Emmett, Withheld, Withheld, Jessica Grant, Becca Heard, Withheld, Millie Cridland, Lydia Hopper & Rosie Heard.

Thanks to Katherine Emmett for the words and photo.

Please parents it is depressing and time-consuming for me to have to keep putting in "Withheld" links instead of your childrens' names. I have to do this unless I have written permission from you to publish your child's name online, as this is required by the UK Pony Club's child protection rules.

If you click on any Withheld link it will take you to a page explaining this policy, and it also gives a link to a downloadable form that you can fill in and send to me giving permission to publish. So for the price of a stamp and 60 seconds of effort you can see your child's achievements being praised online...

Tiverton PC webmaster.

Area 15 Eventing, Bicton Arena, 27th July 2014

Tiverton Pony Club head for UK Championships!

Tiverton Pony Club fielded four strong teams at the Area 15 Eventing competition held at Bicton Arena on 27th July. Competing against other Pony clubs from Somerset, Dorset, Devon and Cornwall in dressage, show jumping and cross country for a chance to attend the National Championships held at Cholmondeley Castle, Cheshire in August.

The Junior team of Henry Clist, Joe Emmett and Alice Smith proved a win was possible with excellent cross country riding in particular and a great result for such a young team at their first Area Eventing.

Whilst the Novice team of Withheld, Heidi Stevens, Lewis Drew and Polly Muirhead were sadly just out of the ribbons, the Intermediate team of Saskia Partridge, Charlotte Radley and Bird Wood gained 4th place with Bird qualifying for the Championships as an individual in 2nd place. The show jumping and cross country proved very influential as Charlotte and Bird along with two others were the only ones to gain a double clear inside the time in their class of over 50 competitors.

The Open team of Amelia Green, Rupert Batting, Will Smith and Withheld were impressive to watch over the largest track of the day. Ellie 6th individual and Will proved their ability, with great performances across the country, having just reached this level of competition. Amelia and Rupert, 4th individual, providing experience at this height to help secure the team win. They are both aiming for Hartpury CCI2* as their next competition before the Championships later in August.

The combined efforts of the whole team resulted in a unanimous victory, securing the coveted honour to represent Area 15 in the Open Eventing team competition at the Championships.

Spooners Triathlon - 26th July 2014: A day for PB's
("PB" = Personal Best)

Well done to the Jessica Grant, Emma Bainbridge, Katie Bainbridge, Jack Emmett, Katie Heal and Rebecca Emmett who took part in the Spooners Triathlon all put in a great effort and all of which achieved PB's throughout the day.

Katie Heal was placed 5th individually in the Biathlon and along with Rebecca Emmett came 1st in a mixed team.

Jack Emmett came 1st individually.

Area Dressage - Sunday 20th July 2014

Well done to the Novice Team of Henry Clist, Millie Paxton and Polly Muirhead finishing in 7th.

Polly 5th individually and Henry 2nd individually also qualifying for the Nationals!

Intermediate individual, Charlotte Radley rode a very nice test, but sadly just out the ribbons.

Tiverton PC One Day Event, Bicton, 12th July 2014

Well, didn't we all do well!

Our ODE at Bicton on Saturday 12 July was a huge success and I need to say thank you very much to all our helpers and parents for making it such a lovely day for us all. We have already received several e-mails of thanks from competitors who have said it was well run, kept to time and was a day much enjoyed by them. Special thanks need to go to our organiser Annabel Brooks-Ward and our secretary Gill Murphy for all their hard work and dedication before and during the event.

From a committee point of view it was a huge undertaking both financially and for the manpower needed. The weather was kind to us, the competitors came forward, the help was available and I'm pleased to say we had a tremendously successful day for club funds. The aim of the committee will be to put these funds to good use replacing and repairing some of our older equipment so that riders of all levels and abilities can benefit.

And that's not all! With over 220 competitors over the 4 classes, Henry Clist and Rough Terrain were 1st and Best Tiverton in Class 1, Polly Muirhead and Grace were 8th and Best Tiverton in class 2, Charlotte Radley and Little M were 1st and Best Tiverton in Class 3 and Will Smith and Tutor Rascal were 1st and Best Tiverton in class 4. Very well done to you and your ponies and horses. I've got high hopes for the Area Eventing competition on 28 July with the teams and individuals that are competing for Tiverton.

Whilst we can now all enjoy a short break and rest on our laurels for a day or so please don't forget to come forward and offer your support and help for all the other events that are happening this Summer. We have 2 camps, Area Showjumping, our Pony Club Show and the Mini Tet/Tri still to come so lots to get involved in.

Just one final note and a gentle reminder to us all. Whilst I know that all the Pony Club members from all clubs behaved very well on Saturday, unfortunately one or two Riding Club members did not. Some of our helpers experienced serious verbal abuse and other unacceptable behaviour from some older competitors. I have written to the BHS this morning expressing my concerns about this behaviour. Please remember that all of the helpers are volunteers, they generously give up a day of the busy lives to come and help, without them we could not have enjoyable successful days so please remember to be patient and polite at all times.

Best wishes

Iris Wotton
Assistant DC Tiverton Pony club

South Devon Moorland Tri & Tet, 3rd & 4th May 2014

A total of 10 Tiverton members competed in the recent South Devon Pony Club competition with the shooting and running being held at Stover School, swimming at Bovey Tracey and the cross country riding at Widdicombe.

Rebecca Emmett, Withheld and Katie Heal took part in the Biathlon. It was a first event for both Rebecca and x, and as a team the 3 girls came a very respectable 4th with Katie coming 7th individually.

Jack Emmett put in outstanding effort to achieve the best run narrowly beating Jessica Grant by 2 seconds. The cross country riding was rather more demanding and x and Fiona Weddon both did fantastically to ride clear rounds in their first ever attempts. Jack did very well to remount after an unexpected flying dismount and this did not impact negatively on his scores, resulting in him being placed 1st individually. Jessica was placed 3rd and Fieona 6th and the team came 5th across all the age ranges which was a superb result.

In the more advanced riding group Emma Bainbridge was placed 5th individually, Katie Bainbridge and William Hopper also put in a very strong performance.
Lydia Hopper was the lone representative over the larger jumping course. She put in a tremendous performance on a new horse to achieve 5th individually.

2nd Fastest run

Biathlon Team

The full team

Fastest run in class

(Thanks to Julie Heal for the words, and Katherine Emmett for the photos)

Team Showjumping at Bicton College - Monday 26th May 2014

Tiverton bring home the Cup!

A brilliant day was had by all . . . .

1'9" - William Hopper was part of the Winning mixed team

2'3" - Lydia Hopper riding two ponies and Withheld came 5th as a team

2'6" - Tiverton Red Team of Henry Clist, Alice Smith, Serena Mundy and Milly from Mid Devon came 1st team, Henry 2nd individual.
Tiverton Blue Team of Lydia Hopper, Joe Emmett and Withheld, just missed the rosettes.

2'9" - Tiverton team of Henry Clist, Withheld, Serena Mundy and Heidi Stevens came 6th team with Henry 1st individual.
Withheld rode a good round as part of a mixed team

Team Show Jumping at Pontispool - Saturday 17th May 2014

In the 2'3-2'6" class the team of Henry Clist, Alice Smith, Heidi Stevens, Millie Paxton came 5th - Henry 2nd individual

In the 2'6-2'9" class the team of Henry Clist, Alice Smith, Heidi Stevens, Millie Paxton came 5th - Henry 2nd individual

Team Showjumping, Stockland Lovell, 21st April 2014

The Tiverton teams all did brilliantly . . .

  • Becca Heard was in a mixed team for 2ft which came 1st as a team and 3rd

  • The 2ft3 team of Henry Clist, Rosie Heard, Becca Heard and Alice Smith came 2nd

  • The 2ft6 team of Henry Clist, Rosie Heard, Alice Smith and Joe Emmett, came 1st Team, with Henry 5th individually

  • The 2ft9 team of Joe Emmett, Charlotte Radley, Heidi Stevens came 4th team

  • The 3ft team of Charlotte Radley, Heidi Stevens & two from another club, came 1st team and Charlotte 2nd individually

Well done to Jack Emmett who came:

6th in the Winter Triathlon League Area 15/16 !!
He also won his age group at the Mendip Triathlon as well as winning the shooting phase !!
And then he did it again winning the East Cornwall Triathlon and winning the run phase by a huge lead of 20seconds !!!!!!

(Thanks to Josie Moore for the report)

Dartmoor Triathlon 19th January 2014

On the 19th January the Dartmoor Pony Club held a triathlon in Plymouth and we had only the one entre (think we were all at the point to point). Jack Emmett went and put in a great performance to come 2nd individually.

(Thanks to Josie Moore for the report)

Devon and Somerset Triathlon 5th January 2014

On the 5th January we had a team of 9 Tiverton Pony Club members go to the triathlon in Wellington held by the Devon and Somerset Pony Club, for 2 of them it was their first ever triathlon event.

The rain was pouring and the wind was strong but they all battled through the day to get some great results.

Katie Heal came 4th individually in the under 8 biathlon. The Tiverton Foxes team of Jack Emmett, Katie Bainbridge and Withheld came 2nd in the minni minis with Jack also coming 5th individually.

Emma Bainbridge and Jessica Grant made up a mixed team and came 3rd in the mini girls. The Tiverton Stags team of junior girls made up of Millie Cridland, LydiaHopper and Withheld came 4th. Well done to all!

(Thanks to Josie Moore for the report)

Dress and timekeeping for rallies:

Members should wear either Pony Club Polo Shirt or Pony Club sweatshirt with a shirt and Pony Club tie, jodhpurs (white/cream/navy/black), appropriate riding boots, gloves and the correct riding hat which has been tagged. For safety reasons, no jewellery (including sleeper earings) should be worn. Long hair should be tied back and put in a hair net. Also NO spurs unless instructors say you require them.

Please remember to arrive for your rallies in plenty of time so that you are on your pony/horse and ready to start the Rally at least 10 minutes before the Rally starts.

It is discourteous to your instructors to arrive late.

Rally/Training Booking and Cancellation:

So that we can provide you with you top quality instruction, please book your place on rallies and training sessions no later than one week before so that we can ensure we have enough instructors available.

The rallies and training sessions are very popular and are often over-subscribed. If, for whatever reason, you are not able to attend any rally or training session that you have booked a place for, please telephone the organiser and cancel your place.

By not cancelling your place, you are denying someone else a chance to attend.

Programmes of other local (not just Tiverton PC) events

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  • Open Hunter Trial, Saturday 21st April 2012(results)
  • Tri/Tetrathlon Sat 28th / Sun 29th April 2012 (results )
  • Summer Show, 19th August 2012 (Photo
  • Open Hunter Trial, Sunday 1st May 2011, Cuckoo's Nest, (Photos)
  • Open One Day Event, Sunday 3rd July 2011, Cuckoo's Nest, (Results and Photos

Inter-area Tri/Tetrathlon 1st & 2nd June 2010
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